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Green AI

AI that nurtures our Planet

Community in a nutshell

Aiming at Green. Using AI. Growing Together.

We are a diverse community of experts and enthusiasts with a wide range of experience in different fields, from technology, sustainability, science and business to art, finance, politics and more. What unites us is the interest in one or both of these topics:

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

Nature, Environment and Sustainability

We gather together to share our knowledge, views, challenges and solutions. We learn from each other through debates, hands-on workshops, hackathons, movies, social events and other activities.

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Experience sharing

How we use AI for energy trading platform

At this very first event, we will talk about the impact and how to measure it. It’s a hands-on workshop during which you will use a framework for impact measurement, analyse outputs and outcomes of your project, and learn how to express the impact of your startup or product. If you don’t have a project, you can join other members or use a given example. You can use the learnings and results to strengthen your strategy and communication.


Christian Dollfus – founder of CEEX,


  • Remo Kaelin
  • Adriana Ricklin
  • Alain Sabok
  • Biagio Principe

January 30, Monday, 18:00 - 21:00

Door open at 18:00
Starting at 18:15
Apero at 19:45

Loft Corner @Colab ImpactHub

Sihlquai 131, 8005 Zürich
4th floor


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Great variety of chalenges

Addressing UN Sustainable Development Goals

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Is Green AI right for you?

Yes, if you can relate to at least on of the following:


You are an expert in Green/AI passionate about the topics.


You’re not an expert but curious to explore and eager to learn.


You see the problems and want to contribute to solutions.


You’re interested in collaborating with like-minded people.

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Green AI, 2022 – 2023